Profect supports you in achieving high-impact changes within your company. To do so, we professionally utilize all of the opportunities offered by our culture’s current technological transformation.


We work alongside our clients to develop pragmatic, end-to-end solutions for current challenges. We consistently question standard ways of thinking, and try to find individually tailored approaches. We stand for a streamlined, yet sustainable approach: “Consultation with implementation.” We would be proud to work for your company, as well, with expertise and passion.

I told him to get my horse out of the stable. The servant didn’t understand me.
I went into the stable myself, saddled my horse, and mounted it.



Over 60 colleagues work together at PROFECT. We see ourselves as a responsible and creative designer of value creation processes for our customers. We combine over 450 years of professional experience in our interdisciplinary team.

The Management.


Dr. Dirk Arndt
Chairman of the Board

Founded the company in 2007. He is an internationally recognized expert who advises both large enterprises and small companies alike on the topic of digitizing sales. His work focuses on the areas of process / software integration and BI / big data.


Mike Choi
Managing Director

Has over 15 years of experience in IT projects in finance and has deep knowledge throughout the software development cycle.

During his career, he accompanied a wide range of software projects in finance and focused on the Temenos platform.

He is head of the Profect site in Hong Kong.


Christoph Erb
Managing Director

Has over 20 years of experience in finance software product business. He worked for a solution provider of overall banks in Switzerland for over 14 years, including 10 years as managing director. He then supported banks and insurance companies in the digital transformation.


Marek Juhár
Managing Director

Started his career more than 10 years ago as a web developer and has extensive experience in software implementation.

In recent years, he has been responsible for various projects in the financial services industry. Since 2021, he has been Managing Director and Site Manager in Bratislava.


Tobias Meissner
Managing Director

Began his career at Profect in 2008 as a Software Engineer. He is responsible for a variety of international software sales projects across multiple industries. His work focuses on the areas of sales controlling and sales optimization. He has been Managing Director for Germany since 2019


Konrad Niggli
Managing Director

Serves as a Managing Partner at Synpulse and Managing Director at Profect. His work focuses on conceptual and structural changes in digital reinsurance. He has many years of experience in the areas of customer-orientation, reinsurance processes and CRM process optimization and automation.