Software Development and Operations.


There are many different software frameworks. BusinessRadar wasn’t created to be one, but with Version 7 we have created a black box abstraction based on over one hundred projects. It is not only founded on 22 years of experience, but was completely redeveloped with the newest technologies over the course of 5 years. We use current developments like DevOps, Container, Micro Services, REST and much more in BusinessRadar. The solution comes from a “small” company, streamlined and flexible, with room for creativity, individuality and evaluation.

The simplest way to predict the future is to implement it.
David Heinemeier Hansson – Software Developer

Services and standardized software modules

Many requirements can now be handled using standardized software modules. We have an extensive pool of proven solutions, which can often be adapted optimally to your needs with very little additional work. Of course, you can also use these as a service in other programs via a dedicated REST interface.


Our base services consist of:

  • A modular web application with Angular, TypeScript and Sass for complete customization
  • A Spring Boot Backend with XACML integration, CSP and XSRF support for maximum security
  • Connections to BPMN, DMN and CMMN support for your business processes and
  • Spark, JPA and Spring Data-Integration for full flexibility in data integration.

3rd party software

Although we are certain BusinessRadar is an excellent and flexible software, we know that you cannot be a leader in every area at once. We have learned that it benefits both us and our clients to use technologies and software tools that have been implemented by specialists and that already have a large community. Tested code and a large number of available resources help avoid long development periods and mistakes.


Because of this, we have decided on two alternatives. First, whenever possible we use open source software, for instance to reduce duplicate implementation and a dependence on individual manufacturers and their proprietary code. Second, if necessary we use software by manufacturers from our partner Synpulse’s ecosystem. We have created experienced and specialized teams to handle both of these approaches, offering both software know-how and deep industry expertise.

Individual software modules and solutions

Each company is different – process sequences in administration, production, sales; changing requirements, growing operating structures and focusing on new customers can often require complex and customized work steps. Companies need good software tailored to their specific needs that can be adapted dynamically. In contrast to large, standardized ERP products, individual solutions can map processes in a much more effective, streamlined way.

Integration into existing environments

Software by Profect doesn’t always mean replacing existing systems. We also develop software that supplements existing structures, supporting tools, autonomous additional systems or interfaces between existing systems. We are also happy to integrate our software in your Toolchain as part of DevOps.


We offer professional support in accordance with ITIL and hosting services for our solutions. No matter whether you need software over the Cloud, in our TIER4 computing center, or on your own infrastructure – we make sure it is performant and runs securely and reliably.